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When you walk into any home or business, one of the first components you notice is not just the windows but the window treatments. They can either enhance or detract from the elegance and natural light your windows produce. No matter the style of your home or size of your windows, Pinnacle Blinds and Shutters is ready to provide lasting and beautifully stunning window solutions you'll love.

wood blinds

There are fewer window coverings more stylish and luxurious than wood and faux wood blinds. With endless color options ranging from white and ivory to traditional wood stains, these coverings are a great match for any space and work incredibly well with almost any style you're going for. And trust us when we say, these blinds are highly sought-after. If you ever go to sell your home, the simple addition of wood blinds adds immense appeal for potential buyers.

But you may be wondering what's the real difference between wood and faux wood blinds. We can infer that "faux" is just another word that means "artificial" but even to a discerning eye, they look virtually the same. Faux wood blinds are composed of a blend of composite wood materials or PVC/vinyl materials. And just like wood blinds, both are highly durable and ideal for humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms since they are water-resistant and do not crack or fade.

plantation shutters

With origins from the deep South, Plantation shutters have been hailed a timeless, classic choice and for good reason. As window blinds with wide wooden slats, these shutters add luxury and elegance to any space. While they tend to be a more expensive option, the beauty and long-list of benefits is endless. Plantation shutters not only increase buyer appeal but also promote energy conservation. With wide, thick slates that perfectly block out the sunlight, you keep your home cooler during those warm days.

Not to mention, you'll be afforded optimal privacy. With easy adjustments, you can have an outward view while still having complete privacy. Finally, just like traditional wood blinds, Plantation shutters are highly durable and ensure long- lasting use!

roller shades

Roller shades and solar shades provide a budget-friendly, sleek window covering option for homeowners and business owners alike. Similar in style, there are a few distinct differences between these shade options to take note of. Both roller shades and solar shades are simple, uniform window coverings that do not have any embellishments like slates or veins. They stand as a single material that is operated by a roller function. The key difference however, between solar shades and roller shades is the material utilized. Solar shades are made of a loose, woven material that allows for more sunlight, hence where the name "solar" derives from. These window options provide the benefit of sunlight but also filter harsh UV rays.

It's easy to see why these neutral, inexpensive shades are so attractive for many buyers! Ideal for bedrooms and offices, this uncomplicated design allows for numerous possibilities.

honeycomb shades

Unique in design, honeycomb shades (which are also referred to as cellular shades) are ideal candidates for filtering out sunlight. Their signature cell-like shape design does a lot more than just add interest to your windows---they serve as a barrier between the sun and your home. The result is greater insulation that reduces your electric bill each month. Not only that, but with their sunlight filtering abilities honeycomb shades ensure a dark, cool room for more optimal sleep. With various styles, cellular shapes and grades of light filtration, honeycomb shades are a perfect option for bedroom window covering solutions!

roman shades

Roman shades are a lovely window shade option for a variety of reasons. As a cross between a blind and curtain design, these shades come with relaxed, hobbled folds that loop fabric in a beautiful, effortless fashion. With light control abilities, their pleated style allows for various level of sunlight and privacy. Energy efficient and very affordable, it's easy to see why Roman shades make a great choice for any home!

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